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Let An Experienced Honolulu Attorney Fight Your Felony Or Misdemeanor Charges

Criminal cases are classified as either felonies or misdemeanors, depending on the seriousness of the crime. Misdemeanor crimes are generally the less serious of the two types of crimes and carry penalties that include up to one year in jail, monetary restitution, and fines. Felony charges are more serious and can include multi-year prison terms, major fines, and, in some cases, the death penalty. My goal at Harrison Law Center, A Law Corporation, is to lessen your sentence, even if you have already confessed to a crime or the prosecutor has overwhelming evidence of guilt. I work hard to minimize exposure to prosecutorial questioning, bargain with prosecutors to reach a plea agreement, and eliminate counts through motions to dismiss counts or suppress evidence.

Reduced or alternative sentencing may also be an option in certain cases. Utilizing more than 40 years of experience as a misdemeanor and felony attorney, I will help you petition the courts for probation, house arrest, or community service rather than jail time. Judges usually consider the severity of the offense and your criminal record when deciding sentences. Juries are impressed by the clear and forceful presentation of evidence. As your lawyer, I will help to tell your story in court so that you can get your voice heard and pursue the most favorable outcome available in your case.

No Matter The Criminal Charges, I Am In Your Corner

In my many decades of practice, I have represented clients accused of a wide range of criminal offenses, including:

Don’t look for someone who markets themselves as only a misdemeanor lawyer or a felony lawyer. Instead, seek the help of a highly experienced criminal defense attorney with an in-depth knowledge of the law and a strong track record of success, both in and out of the courtroom.

How Long Of A Jail Sentence Can You Receive For A Misdemeanor Conviction In Hawai‘i?

The amount of time you could spend in jail depends on the specific offense, but the maximum jail time for a misdemeanor in Hawai‘i is one year. There are different types of misdemeanors, and each one carries its own potential penalties, which could include jail time, fines, or both.

What Are The Three Classes Of Felonies?

Hawaii law recognizes three classes of felonies, which are serious crimes that carry more severe penalties than misdemeanors:

  • Class A felonies are the most serious, with the possibility of a prison sentence of up to 20 years.
  • Class B felonies may result in a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.
  • Class C felonies are the least serious felony category, with a maximum prison sentence of 5 years.

Each class of felony involves different types of crimes or the same crimes but with differing levels of severity.

Do Misdemeanors Always Stay On Your Record?

Currently, a misdemeanor will stay on your record unless you act to have it removed from public view through expungement. Numerous misdemeanor convictions are eligible to be expunged, but most felony convictions cannot be removed. I discuss the process in greater detail on the expungement page.

Starting in late 2026, certain low-level offenses in Hawai‘i will become eligible for automatic expungement as part of the state’s Clean Slate Act. If an old criminal record is getting in the way of the life and future you want to build, however, it is worth seeking expungement sooner with the assistance of a skilled defense attorney.

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