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Trusted Military And International Defense Attorney In Honolulu

The defense of service members is a niche area of practice for a criminal defense lawyer – one that demands a very particular kind of knowledge and practical experience. It requires a thorough understanding of the rules governing armed forces personnel, including the Uniform Code of Military Justice (“UCMJ”) and the Manual for Courts-Martial (“MCM”). For all these reasons and more, Harrison Law Center, A Law Corporation, is the right choice for defense representation in Hawai‘i. I am Bill Harrison, a Honolulu military criminal defense lawyer with more than 40 years of legal experience. I understand how the military justice system works and I am qualified to represent you in a range of service-related litigation, including:

  • Administrative discharge situations
  • AWOL cases
  • Courts-Martial (Summary, Special and General Courts-Martials)
  • Federal Tort Claims Act cases
  • Military record correction board matters
  • Representation before boards of inquiry

When you retain my firm as your private counsel, I can work in conjunction with your detailed military counsel to protect your legal rights. I can push the envelope in ways that your JAG Corps detail counsel may not be able to do in a military court. My approach to litigation gives you the confidence of knowing that a highly experienced and invested civilian attorney – not just an assigned military lawyer – is advocating for your best interests.

Experienced Military Defense For A Variety Of Crimes

Members of the military are bound both by civilian criminal laws and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. On the civilian side, some of the most common offenses charged include alleged incidents of:

I am ready to defend you against these and any other civilian criminal charges. I can also represent you in cases alleging UCMJ violations for insubordination, AWOL/UA and failure to report for duty, fraternization and more.

Notable International Cases

In some cases, I represent foreigners and undocumented immigrants who are arrested in Hawai‘i. My experience with these types of situations covers a broad range.

For instance, I have represented Philippine telecommunications representatives arrested at a local convention center for allegations of price-fixing. I have also assisted a New Zealand native in an extradition matter related to the murder of an alleged member of an organized crime family. My other clients include a chief engineer on a Pakistani hauler, caught with over 10 tons of hashish on board, as well as reputed members of the Japanese organized crime “Yakuza.”

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Private Military Criminal Lawyer Instead Of Using Military-Provided Defense Counsel?

There are many talented JAG Corps attorneys practicing today, some of whom provide excellent counsel. That being said, there are good reasons to hire a private civilian attorney who is highly knowledgeable about UCMJ offenses, court martial proceedings and other military law matters.

First of all, hiring a private attorney gives you the choice of who represents you. Much like a public defender in civilian cases, military defense attorneys are assigned rather than chosen. You may be assigned an attorney who is inexperienced, overworked or both. By contrast, you can be sure the private attorney you hire has the skills, experience and resources to build a strong defense.

Second, private attorneys are not affiliated with the military. They don’t need to be concerned with institutional consequences or reputational damage higher up the chain of command. They can do what’s best for their client without worrying about how it will reflect on their own military career.

Finally, like many things in life, hiring a lawyer means getting what you pay for. It can be a significant investment, but making that investment means that your attorney has a financial incentive to help you pursue the most favorable outcome as well as earn a positive review or referral for future business.

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