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More Than Five Stars

William Harrison deserves more than five stars! He came recommended by other attorneys and friends and represented my husband in a case against the federal government with media coverage that seemed unbeatable. If you need an attorney to give you positive outlooks he is not your guy. He will always tell you how it is. He told me that a win in a federal case is very rare. His expertise exposed the truth to the federal jury and ultimately resulted in a not guilty verdict. I hope we will never need an attorney again but if we do or if anyone we care for needs one I will certainly recommend William Harrison and his staff.

– J.S.

Totally Satisfied

William Harrison came highly recommended and was retained to represent a family member in a criminal matter that could have had dire consequences. His professionalism and expertise were reassuring and appreciated and contributed to the eventual dismissal of this matter. This was a high profile matter with continuous media coverage yet Mr. Harrison made sure that the client was his number one priority and that all of his legal needs were met. The level of respect that is bestowed upon him from court & jail staff is a true testament of the fact he is held in the highest regard by members of the judiciary, the bar, and the media. He performs his duties with the highest level of integrity. If you need an attorney that will hold your hand and call you every day, he is not your man. However, if you need an attorney that will take over your case, offer five-star expertise and will spend his time working with investigators, taking the prosecutor to task, and preparing your case — Call William Harrison. Should we ever have a need ( and hopefully we won’t), we will not hesitate to call this firm. On a lighter note, as we were walking around Hawaii we found a large number of rocks lying on their side. Soon we realized that it was because Mr. Harrison left no stone unturned. We are privileged that he accepted our case. TOTALLY SATISFIED IN HAWAII AND THE MAINLAND.

– V.D.

Highly Recommended

Bill is certainly in the top tier of Hawaii’s defense lawyers, and his fees are quite reasonable compared with those of his more arrogant and media-hungry colleagues. I was facing a pretty serious federal charge, and he negotiated a plea agreement that resulted in a very light sentence. The prosecutor talked to me right after sentencing, and told me Bill had “saved my life.” I can’t think of a better recommendation than that. As others have mentioned, he won’t return all your calls or reply to all your emails. There’s a lot of anxiety associated with being on the wrong end of a criminal case, so I considered knocking a star off for that. But you just have to trust him. The impression I got is that he’s focused on whatever case is most urgent at the time. But when it’s your turn, you have his complete attention, and he really knows what he’s doing. Bill’s a friendly guy, highly respected by his colleagues, and driven to get the best possible results for his clients. I highly recommend him.

– R.H.

Best Defense Attorney

From our experience, Bill is by far the best defense attorney in the State of Hawaii. He is very experienced and as sharp and smart as it gets and well connected. What’s great is that you can trust him 100%, and he will always be on your side. Initially, we contacted a few defense attorneys for the case, and especially one lawyer (not Bill) immediately presumed we were guilty on the phone; and told us to pay him for $200,000 to take the case. How greedy this lawyer was! We were scared of the government falsely accusing us of the crime, and this lawyer was about to take advantage of the situation as much as possible. Also, we had another lawyer, who had worked on our case for almost two years, practically didn’t do anything helpful, and actually he made everything exponentially worse. Then he has charged us money for not doing anything; and worse after he quit (yes, he quit our case after calling us names on the phone), he colluded with government officials to take as much money as possible! (although this is just a guess, we have pretty good evidence for it) Bill was different, so different that we felt like he is a Godsend. He listened to our story carefully on the initial phone conversation and after all the meetings and had told us that he would take care of it, and we had nothing to worry about. He only charged us for the standard retainer rate for $5000. Our case took about a year for him to solve, but not even once we heard him ask for any more money. And, Voila!, our care got dismissed. We are so glad and blessed that we met him, trusted him and his counsel. We soon noticed that he is an extremely busy attorney; and he may not always return our emails or phone calls, but we have been confident and were assured that he has read and listened to all our emails and concerns regardless. He has only responded to the emails/calls that are actually relevant and important to the case for us to know. This way of communication with a client makes sense. For him to respond to every bit of concern that we have would only serve distraction and waste of time to fight the case with the government. We were scared of what’s going to happen with the government, so we were sending him many silly questions. Bill never complained or annoyed by them. So if you work with him, and if he doesn’t respond, do not be concerned, he is in charge, and you can and should trust him 100 %; he is not out to get you; he is only out to save you. Now even though he is the best criminal defense attorney in Hawaii, he is not a miracle worker that can always make whatever the crime you may have committed disappear before the government’s eyes. If that’s the case, the system is too corrupted or ridiculous. We think our case with the government went way too far. But whatever the outcome you get at the end of the day will be 100 times better than what any other attorneys would be able to bring for you. At the end of the day, we reap what we sow, but with Bill, he will do his best to get you out of the hole. And we are so grateful to find an attorney who is not motivated by the money. I was so scared that all the lawyers are just doing this for money. I thought when we were under attack by the government, we had to swim with sharks too. Bill is not. That really gives us a newfound respect for the occupation of “lawyer” itself. He represents what the best defense attorney should be like in Hawaii. We cannot thank him enough! Hire and work with him in 100% confidence.

– H.R.